Dura Factory Mousse Frount / Rear x2
  • Dura Factory Mousse Frount / Rear x2

         1X   21x90/90

         1X  140x80x18

                   FREE P&P 

    Dura-Mousse uses a new additive in its rubber compound which means the foam rises less in temperature.
    Pressure: 1.2/1.3 bar

    -They last longer -They lose much less volume as running time increases -They still have no expiry date -Not for road use.
    Very good wheel feel and grip.
    Never fit Dura-Mousse to the motorcycle when they are

    still warm. It is recommended to fit the tyre with well-tightened beadlocks in good condition. Dura-Mousse is not certified for use on asphalt roads Dura-Mousse is made with an elastic material When changing the tyres, you will note that the front and rear foams are not in the same state and/or in their initial shape. Once the new tyres are fitted, the Dura-Mousse will adapt NO GEL INCLUDED!!